Little Cosmos dolls
【Robin vII】-Tea skin-

【Robin vII】-Tea skin-

360 EUR


​from April 10th to May 9th at 21pm (GMT +2)


-Height: 29cm
-Head: 18cm | Wig: 6-7 (stretch and w/ plastic wigcap) or 7-8 ​(w/ plastic wigcap)
-Eyes: 14mm
-Neck circumference: 6cm
-Shoulder width: 6cm
-Chest circumference: 13,2cm
-Waist circumference: 11cm
-Hip circumference: 14,5cm
-Leg (hip to foot): 12cm
-Arm: 8,5cm
-Feet: 3,5cm long - 1,5cm wide
-Skin tone: Tea skin

*6-7 wig in pictures

Nature: as everyone in Feen Robin has an aspect between sulking and sad, but don't be fooled, it is a tactic to get what she wants.

Appearance: humanoid.

  • Doll (without faceup)
  • Eyes 14mm (random color)
  • Cushion
  • Little bunny
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Box
This time Carolina is kind to offer her faceup skills on Robin. 
Check @underthefern on instagram if you want to see her work!

More photos of Atlas at

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The shipments will begin when the dolls arrived at our studio, usually after 2-3 months after the preorder time. If you ask for a faceup the time will increase. 

If you have ANY question please contact me at


LAYAWAY AVAILABLE! Please contact me at before adopt :)

Please, keep in mind he is a collection doll, not a toy. Treat him with care and love.
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