Little Cosmos dolls
【Olivia】-Strawberry Skin-

【Olivia】-Strawberry Skin-

390 EUR

LAYAWAY AVAILABLE! Please contact me at before adopt :)

Ready to send. If you ask for a faceup, keep in mind it could take 5-10 days.

-Height: 35cm
-Head: 6-7 (stretch)| 7-8 wig
-Eyes: 14mm
-Neck circumference: 6,3cm
-Shoulder wide: 6,5cm
-Bust circumference: 12,5cm
-Waist circumference: 12,5cm
-Hip circumference: 16cm
-Leg (hip to foot): 16cm
-Arm: 10,5cm
-Feet: 4,2cm long - 1,9cm wide
-Skin tone: Strawberry

*She has the same body as Bastian (Basic Body girl version)
Nature: she comes from Dahr so Olivia has a very peaceful face and soul. Olivia's home was destroyed at the Universal War, and the Qhamians thought it would be better to send him to a neutral planet, the Earth.
Appearance: humanoid.


  • Blank Doll (WITHOUT faceup)
  • Skin: Strawberry
  • Eyes 14mm random color
  • Cushion
  • Small Olivia's friend
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Box
There are 4 slots only for Olivia with faceup (+25€) - Add faceup option to the order, thanks!
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If you have ANY question please contact me at

Please, keep in mind she is a collection doll, not a toy. Treat with care and love.
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