Little Cosmos dolls
Oliver "Full set" -Peach Normal Skin-

Oliver "Full set" -Peach Normal Skin-

450 EUR
Please, note: last 2 photos are body reference. 

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-Height: 35cm
-Head: 7-8 wig
-Eyes: 12-14mm
-Neck circumference: 6,3cm
-Shoulder wide: 7cm
-Bust circumference: 12,5cm
-Waist circumference: 12,5cm
-Hip circumference: 16cm
-Leg (hip to foot): 16,5cm
-Arm: 10,5cm
-Feet: 4,2cm long - 1,9cm wide
-Skin tone: Normal Peach
He has a more mature body than Robin.

Nature: he comes from Dahr so Oliver has a very peaceful face and soul.
Appearance: humanoid.

  • Doll (with faceup) + extra pair of hands
  • Skin: Peach Normal
  • Clothes: Striped jacket, crocodile T-shirt, trousers, socks and shoes.
  • Wig: Red head wig
  • Eyes 14mm gold/brown color
  • Cushion
  • Certificate of Authenticity
  • Box
​Info Oliver
He has been casted at Harucasting​.
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